Artist Statement


Artistic and scientific practices, while producing different outcomes, are similar in spirit. Both utilize experimentation, observation and creativity as a means through which to explore the world. My work uses the shared practices of artists and scientists, blending research methods and modes of presentation to create a moment of experiential learning. I reference a laboratory as a place where knowledge is created and/or discovered. By juxtaposing the emotional and empathetic capacities of art with the rationality of scientific practice, a new space for investigating knowledge opens. One can understand natural phenomena through emotion, experience, tactility and self-guided discovery alongside the common language of scientific reporting. I employ installation as a way to mirror both the multiplicity of tactics necessary in understanding the natural world as well as models of systems thinking that contemporary scientific practices take in approaching research.

My most recents works combine drawing, painting, animation, sculpture and sound. These works demonstrate Arctic ecosystem responses to water temperatures and melting sea ice as a result of climate change, pointing to the deepening destabilization. This work reflects on the deep instability evolving in the Arctic--a microcosm for what is happening on a global scale.