In Life There Is by Isabel Beavers

Art is life.
Life is music, sunshine, sadness.
Life is violence and pain and sorrow.
Life makes you soar and struggle and think.
Life wants you to slow down and breathe.
In life you are vulnerable, strong and brave, but also unsure, timid and searching.
In life there is inspiration, like the wind, and a starry night sky and a lonely man making beautiful music on an empty street.

Life happens in moments and in each moment you may find a reason for living.
A day on a mountain; a night in the woods; an afternoon on a street covered in colors, shapes, art and people.
There are people who build the world up and heal those around them.

I want to be one of those people.

I want to share in hope.
I want to be real and truthful and honest.
I want to understand how we are all the same and celebrate what makes us different.
I want to imagine, wonder, create, dream and question.
I want to wake up under a stand of pine trees and yawn with the sun.
Life is art.
Art is something we need.