Spring Bloom

SPRING BLOOM explores the relationship between melting sea ice, warming water temperatures, and early algal blooms in the Arctic ocean. As light enters the Arctic marine environment earlier in the year, algae species like Thalasiossira nordenskioldii spring into action, multiplying exponentially, taking over the water column, and blocking light for other marine organisms. The imbalance created by early and larger algal blooms destabilizes patterns in the marine ecosystem, cascading through the food web. Implications for other mammals and humans are unknown, but potentially devastating.

Animation created from an oil painting on vellum of the Thalasiossira nordenskioldii, a marine phytoplankton in the Arctic Ocean. Sound piece has been created using field recordings of an iceberg on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. The work is projected onto 4'x4' plexiglass sculpture.