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Artificial Ecologies

How do our interventions create new, altered, or artificial ecologies? How are we co-creating relationships with nature? The artists in this thread consider the ubiquity of artificial materials, positionalities, and relationships between humans, non-humans, more-than humans and the resulting systems. Works interrogate artificial materials in existing ecologies, position humans as remediation, and speculate future hybrid techno-ecologies following the impact of climate on local biodiversities. Regardless of stance, we are equally anchored to an ecological and technological future.


Artificial Ecologies is a virtual exhibition: it is both an architectural space and thematic grouping of the artworks of Isabel Beavers, Maru Garcia, Richelle Gribble, and Julian Stein. The space embodies systems of ecology that shift in scale and relate through macro/micro relationships.

Artificial Ecologies was Co-Curated by Isabel Beavers and CultureHub LA. This virtual exhibition was originally presented as part of Re-Fest 2020.

Click here to enter Artificial Ecologies gallery (desktop only).

Curated by Isabel Beavers and CultureHub LA, Creative Coding/Development by Julian Stein

Virtual ReFest, CultureHub LA, 2020

Supercollider Gallery, 2020

.ART, Ars Electronica Online Festival, 2020
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