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the deep universe sonified

Blueshift is the deep universe, sonified. In this audio-visual experience, we translate data from the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) open source data archive. Drawing from the ASPECS 3D survey, measurements of redshift, star formation rate, and luminosity are turned into sounds that transport the listener through space and time.


As you listen to the experimental composition, you hear evidence of space dust, gases and star formation in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Due to the highly sensitive ALMA telescopes, the“ ASPECS data unveil reservoirs of molecular gas and dust in galaxies up to redshifts z~4, when the Universe was only 1/8th of today's age.” 


By peering through dust to detect molecular gases, we can piece together the composition of galaxies in deep space. The audio-reactive visuals portray these galaxies hidden by space dust and illustrate this process by which ALMA observes distant matter.


ALMA’s telescopes intercept radio waves that have passed through millennia. What can we learn about the evolution of astronomical bodies and ourselves by looking back in time? Can we get closer to our origins?

Collaboration with Nocvtrnal.

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