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a mini hackathon

CLIMATE CHAMBER (CC) is a mini & virtual hackathon convening artists, scientists, technologists, designers and other creatives to ignite new collaborative projects that address climate through technology and art.

Climate chambers can be used to simulate the conditions of an unknown environment in order to test and experiment. In our CLIMATE CHAMBER (CC), participants test new collaborative arrangements to inspire radical use of technology and art in the face of climate change. Cross-disciplinary teams will ideate and design new, remote, collaborative projects that imagine-art-and-tech based solutions to climate challenges while testing remote processes of teamwork.

This participatory social experiment embodies the processes of art-sci collaboration utilized by the artists in Re-Fest’s Artificial Ecologies thread, curated by Isabel Beavers. It aims to break open existing modes of teamwork and, in this fracture, formulate various small resistances.

'The Rescue Cookbook' was the winning project. Team members include Janna Avner, Sharona Florsheim, and Maru Garcia.

The winning team received a $150 honorarium and was featured in UCLA's Garden Telluric Vibrations at Ars Electronica 2020.

There were 8 guest judges and 24 participants comprising 4 multidisciplinary teams.

This hackathon was a part of Re-Fest LA 2020, taking place entirely online.

Co-sponsored by UCLA Art | Sci Center + Lab

Saturday, May 30th, 2020
11am-6pm PDT
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