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the Aquarium

March 6, 2022 @ Heidi Duckler Dance

The Aquarium is a multimedia installation and movement piece exploring inter-species relationships, the possibility of sanctuary, and the urgent threats faced by marine species. Utilizing audio-visual installation, sculpture, projection mapping, sound and dance it transforms the roof of the Bendix Building in Downtown Los Angeles into an underwater sanctuary. 

This project grew out of a year-long research based arts project and creative production for the 2021 AICAD/NOAA Fisheries Art + Science Fellowship. The fellowship focused on conservation challenges to the nearshore habitat in Puget Sound, specifically Salmon species and Orca Whales. 

Installation by Isabel Beavers
Dance and choreography by Joan P Fricke

Photography by Rush Varela

This project was made possible by the Association for Independent Colleges of Art + Design, NOAA Fisheries, and Heidi Duckler Dance.

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