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CIL Amman - The Uncertainty of Rain

Creative Impact Lab Amman is a six-week hybrid creative exchange that utilizes community-driven digital and new media art projects to address environmental sustainability.

“The Uncertainty of Rain” is a hybrid exhibition of project prototypes developed by participants during the Creative Impact Lab Amman cultural exchange. The works use sculpture, video, and projection mapping to speculate on the future of water and adaptation to the effects of climate change in Jordan in the broader region. Participant projects are inspired by artistic, scientific, and site-responsive research. They were created in the IDare C-Hub makerspace using digital fabrication and media arts practices. Reflecting on a range of ideas, the projects illustrate possible solutions to water scarcity inspired by contemporary and historical water preservation practices, highlight the relationship between humans and marine species, and make connections between human bodies and the Earth.

View the virtual exhibition for 'The Uncertainty of Rain: worldbuilding and future-making in Amman' here.

Creative Impact Lab Amman (2022) is a ZERO1 international exchange supported by U.S. Embassy Amman and hosted by IDare for Sustainable Development.

Photos by Mohammad Saradeeh + IDare

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